About Luckyz888

Luckyz888 is a leading online entertainment brand which focuses on virtual casino games, products and services. Banking on a huge wealth of experience in the industry for several years, we are primed to live our vision as the best online casino in Malaysia, serving hundreds of thousands of online visitors and bettors with a further mission on expanding our operation to the Asia Pacific markets.

Being touted as one of the frontrunners in the industry, we are proud to be in league with the most trusted casino brand in Malaysia, giving our customers the privilege of enjoying premium quality casino games and enjoying smooth operations and transactions in a carefully secured environment.

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Wide Selection of Game Products

Luckyz888 offers some of the most popular games like slot machines, sports betting, roulette, baccarat and pokers with amazingly clear graphics and user-friendly interface. Completement with certain features like live dealings, appropriate sound effects and adjustable playing speed, players are assured of an excellent gambling game.

We also constantly research on the trends in the online casino industry, latching on the latest updates, understand the changes in preference among bettors and know the exact offers or promotions players actually want. We pay utmost attentiveness to each of our bettors and subscribers feedback to make appropriate changes and improvements to our platform and packages to ensure their voices are not unheard.

Customer Care Remains Our Number One Priority

Serving you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, Luckyz888 customer care centre is always on standby to cater to any request or enquiries, day in day out. Our staffs undergo proper training so to provide proper care and guidance in resolving any issue which might have happened out of the blue.

We mean it when we put our customers in the first place, putting your interest first and ensuring your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Secure Platforms With Safeguarded Confidentiality

Each player will have an associated account and our cybersecurity team will constantly subject the system for offline and online maintenance to ensure zero fraud and cyber attacks. Through regular security maintenance, sophisticated protection software and all day monitoring, we assure our customers a fair and safe playing field with utmost integrity.

Every player here has the right to be treated with proper care and attention. Luckyz888 will always pave the journey for you to become the winner in our undisputed distinct online casino.